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Prem. BUCKEYE BURL Guitar Topset, 8mm

Prem. BUCKEYE BURL Guitar Topset, 8mm

Prem. BUCKEYE BURL Guitar Topset, 8mm

ArtNr.: BUCK-89


…you will find the dimensions on the Photo leftside!

You purchase exactly that shown piece leftside!

Further Information:

--- High Grade---


This very lightweight Buckeye is very hard to get at the World Market. The colors contrasts are just amazing, all natural!

Information’s to Buckeye:
Buckeye comes from California and grows in the Sierra Nevada. It is the Tree-root from the “Roß-Kastanie” / Horse-chestnut! It can only be harvested by big bulldozers. The saw-milling Prozess is very difficult because of in growing stones. They make one cut and have to change the blades! When the buckeye is below ground it has a normally wood-color. But then, when harvested, with time, light & oxygen the color changes to that beautiful blue, grey and yellow ochre colors. -------------------------------------------

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